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Hi there! If you have taken the time out of your day to visit my page, i just want to start with a warm thank you. It truly means a lot. So, to start with the basics-my name is Jenna (well my actual name is Jennavive, but I prefer Jenna…hence why my website name has Vive at the end). I am 27 years old, but still look like I’m 15…ok ok, more like 20 (youthful forever heyyyyy). It’s fine though. Perhaps I’ll grow one day, just like my jokes, but…in the meantime, I am starting a blog (yayyyyy). Before I start, I want to provide a little more detail about myself.
I am currently living in Toronto, with the plans of traveling for the next couple of years. I am a server and I have been in the industry for about ten years (yes I know, it’s a long time, but I’m not ready to adult yet okkkk). I have a fur baby and his name is Ziggy, and I am absolutely obsessed with him. I swear I do actually have friends, but I do like my cat better (sorry guys…or, sorry not sorry?) I also do like to stay active and doing things that require to be on your feet, like hiking and all that good stuff. I really like to run, which is why I’ve recently taken up soccer. What else? Oh, and my weight fluctuates a ton because I love ice cream and can’t seem to give it up (neverrrrrr). Now now, just drink tons of water and you’ll be fine (that’s what I tell myself at least).

Now for the good stuff…I want to start blogging because I’m passionate about travel and living my best life. I wish to provide insight, and hopefully motivation to others to live their best life as well. We only have this life , right here and right now, and only one body, so why not live it to the greatest and happiest of our abilities.

After all, the only limits we have are the ones that we have created for ourselves. Believe it or not, within our weakest moments, is where our strength really lies and when we open ourselves to gratitude and our own honest truths, that is when we truly see change and growth.

I am looking forward to starting this new path in my life and I hope that you enjoy it as well! Please feel free to leave comments, as I would love to hear feedback. If you really like my content, you can also subscribe to get emails every time I post something new!

Published by cestlaviveee

A quirky Torontonian just trying to travel and make the best out of life!

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